Monday, September 28, 2009

South America Bound

Friends and Family,

I leave on Thursday the 1st of October for a five-month adventure in South America with my little sister Elise.

The plan as we know it:

We will fly into La Paz Bolivia and spend the month of October in the Madidi National Forest living with a village of 300 indigenous men, women, and children. We will volunteer on their farm and help around the village, engaging in the daily life and rituals of the native people, bathing in a stream and sleeping under a mango tree.

In November we will continue on to Peru where we will help a British man and his Peruvian wife in the cloud forest outside of Cuzco. We are going to aid in getting their organic restaurant up and running, eat tons and tons of mangos, hike around Machu Picchu, and live the dream.

December and January are set aside for travel, hiking, camping, and adventuring through Chile and Argentina. We are very excited about trekking through Patagonia and if possible we want to hitch-hike on a yacht to Antarctica so we can hang out with some penguins.

After making our way back North through Buenos Aires we plan on staying at a bed and breakfast in Uruguay, helping on their dairy farm, vegetable garden, art community workshop, and hanging out on the beach.

Finally we will find ourselves back in Bolivia on March 10th to fly back to the United States. This is the current plan, subject to imminent change!

I don’t anticipate having regular Internet access so I am putting this blog on hold. I would love to update once a month, yet the likelihood of this is shaky. Thanks for reading over the past year!

I hope continue catching up with my blogs until I leave so keep checking below!