Monday, September 14, 2009

Hot American Summer in NYC

I spent roughly forty days in New York City this summer, working in Times Square with my best friend Mitch selling condoms to tourists. Looking back I can say that it was a great summer full of good times and lots of laughs.

It was fraught with ridiculous hot days, sweltering no-AC nights, rude tourists, ignorant police officers, and lots and lots of mosquito bites.

We enjoyed seeing Broadway Shows,
Walking around Central Park,
Watching movies in Grant Park,
Playing ping pong,
Making friends with cabbies
Making enemies with cabbies
Sipping iced coffees at the Coffee Pot
Playing darts
Eating Amish Market Sandwiches
Dancing in the rain
Watching a thunderstorm over the Manhattan skyline from the top of a fire-escape in Brooklyn,
Walking around in the Village writing raps,
Making tons and tons of “best friends” on the subways,
and getting to know our drug-dealing Dominican neighbors.

It was a great experience and now I know full well how hot a New York summer is.

Our office

My neck hurt all summer long, I couldn't get over how huge the buildings are

Hiding from the Cops on 48th

We don't like Midtown South

Slinging them things!

At a Mets vs. Giants Game, pre beer

Mid beer

and post beer

Our apartment in Brooklyn, pretty much a pink brick sauna pressure cooker

Our street